Dealing with dry skin can be frustrating. That tight, flaky, and sometimes itchy feeling is enough to make you want to jump into the whole “slugging” trend and grab a tub of petroleum jelly, slather a huge chunk on your face, and call it a day. 

While “slugging” can be a good last step to take during your nighttime skincare routine to lock in moisture, it also has some downsides to it such as the mess it creates, trapping dead skin, and clogging pores. Believe it or not, there’s a better and healthier way to deal with dry skin. 

Below is a complete and effective skincare routine for dry skin that will leave you looking healthy and hydrated. 

1. Cleanse with Peptide Sensi Cleanse 

This is usually the first step in any skincare routine. When choosing a facial cleanser, opt for one that is gentle and won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils. Spalina Skincare’s Peptide Sensi Cleanse is specially formulated to provide a deep, yet gentle pore-cleansing that’s perfect for people with dry skin types. Use twice daily to cleanse, calm, and moisturize dry or sensitive skin. This cleanser is also effective in removing makeup. 

2. Tone with Lipid Refresh Hydrating Toner

Toners can remove traces of makeup and dirt that you may have missed while washing your face. It also balances your pH levels and helps your skin better absorb other skincare products in your routine. There are different kinds of toners in the market, but if you’re looking for something that you can use daily, Lipid Refresh Hydrating Toner works great for all skin types especially for dry and sensitive skin since it reduces skin irritation and offers intense hydration. 

3. Apply your favorite or prescribed face serum/s

Since dry skin produces less sebum, it lacks the lipids needed to keep moisture in. Because of this, wrinkles and fine lines appear to be more prominent. Spalina Skincare’s Stem Cell Infusion Serum is a lightweight serum that has been proven to be highly effective in rebuilding collagen and elastin. 

4. Moisturize with Manuka Infused Lipid Creme

The Manuka Infused Lipid Creme is an excellent moisturizer to include in your skincare routine. It is especially great for dry and inflamed skin, as well as in fighting off eczema. Manuka Infused Lipid Creme also promotes collagen growth and retains moisture for hydrated and supple skin. 

5. Apply Sunscreen in the morning

Sunscreen should definitely be a part of your daily skincare routine no matter your skin type. It protects you from harmful UV rays and keeps your skin healthy. The Hydrating Mineral Zinc Oxide SPF 40 Sunscreen works great on all skin types and gives you a beautiful, radiant glow sans the white cast. 


The key to healthy and youthful skin is consistency and commitment to your skincare routine. Your dry skin shouldn’t be a cause for concern if you stick to your skincare routine. But if you have specific concerns regarding your dry skin, feel free to book an online consultation with licensed esthetician, Spela Hernandez. 

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