Nobody likes the idea of aging. No one wants wrinkles, grey hair, crow`s feet or liver spots. Luckily, we have technology and the demand to always look for new solutions to help us slow down the aging process.

One of the new technologies is LED facial therapy. I have introduced it in my studio about a month ago, and the most common question I get is if its really working and what does it do.

LED therapy is a medical treatment in which beams of light supposedly melt the years away. How does that work? Our body`s own aging process, coupled with exposure to the sun and pollution, destroys collagen. Collagen is the connective tissue in our bodies that keeps skin healing and wrinkle free.

LED red Spalina Inc. Skin Care

LED therapy uses highly concentrated beams of light energy to tunnel through the skin and jump start the body`s natural collagen production.

The panel that is placed over your face consists of different lights. Amber- to build new collagen and elastin, red- to reduce inflammation and promote circulation, blue-to destroy acne causing bacteria and infra red to accelerate skin recovery. I have the ability to choose appropriate setting for your skin type.

The LED facial can remind you of sunbathing but there is no UV exposure, the panel that I use in my treatment room is FDA approved and it is not damaging to your eyes.

The treatment is very relaxing, effective and you will see immediate improvement and more results in a couple of days. Skin will appear smoother and clearer.

You can choose  between doing a series of quick 20 minutes sessions twice a week for 4-6 weeks, or you can simply add it to any facials of your choice to boost the results and prolong the benefit of a facial. It is one of the few machines that is appropriate for all skin types.


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