The beauty supplement and food market has transformed over the years from hair, skin and nail vitamins to cookies, drinks, mix-ins, even sunscreens that are formulated with nutrients to nourish the building blocks of skin at the cellular level.

Clients today are looking for those holistic approaches to skin wellness and interestingly, you can find some ingredients that play in both topical and ingestible products. Examples would be collagen or collagen peptides, lipids and different antioxidants and vitamins. I have seen an incredible success on my clients skin (improved firmness, hydration and diminishing of the small lines around the eyes) who have been taking daily Collagen shots, a hydrolyzed collagen supplements from Image skin care.

Yana Collagen Spalina Inc.

Why is important to supply important nutrients from within?

Well….Skin’s antioxidant reservoir is the first line of defense against environmental challenges and oxidative stress.
The reservoir is depleted naturally as we age and with exposure to UV radiation.
Replenishing antioxidants into our skin is a good strategy to enhance skin wellness. Interestingly, several natural antioxidants have been implicated in protection from UV damage—the number one preventable cause of skin aging.

Natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, such as pigments from the carotenoid family are leading ingredients serving as ‘edible sunscreens’ and complementing topical protection.

I did some research and found out that two-thirds of consumers see the concept of taking a supplement for skin care as normal. It is not surprising to me, as I have been taking beauty supplements for years. Two main supplements that play an important role in skin care in addition to collagen shots are vitamin C and magnesium. Of course, first I recommend drinking plenty of water with ingestibles, as not hydrating enough is a common mistake and consulting with your doctor. Additionally, we must understand that results are not immediate. As with topical skin care products, it’s important to consistently follow the protocol.

In order for an ingestible skin care product to really start working, the active ingredients, such as antioxidants, need to accumulate in the skin—a process which could take a few weeks.

It is wise to start thinking about dual approach of combining topical products that provide results you can feel in short term with ingestible products that slowly but safely enhance skin wellness and overall wellness.

If you would like more information about Yana Daily Collagen shots, please feel free to ask at your next appointment.


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