Brightening Serum TRIO


Brightening system for effective and fast skin rejuvenating process. Set includes Epidermal repair serum, Antioxidant line diffusing serum and Complex Vitamin C serum. Appropriate for all skin types.

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Epidermal repair serum

The first and the most important introductory step into your brightening process is our Epidermal repair serum. This one of a kind formulation does multitasking wonders for any skin. It neutralize the toxins, encourages wound repair (AKA sun damage), calms inflammation, reduces the appearance of pores and brown/age spots and it also improves the texture of the skin. This non acid formulation has to be applied right after the toner, twice a day for best results.

Antioxidant line diffusing serum

Your must have night time step is the Antioxidant line diffusing serum. This antioxidant powerhouse has the most potent form of vitamin A (in retinaldehyde form) available on the market. It addresses the cell membrane health and because of its delivery system this form of vitamin A does not cause any peeling, skin irritation, or sun sensitivity. It just gets to work and it starts a dramatic rejuvenation process. This process includes brightening, speeding up the cell turn over and softening of the fine lines. The best property of this serum is the fact that it has the ability to inhibit skin pigmentation and improves epidermal barrier. It should be applied every evening on top of the Epidermal repair serum.

Complex Vitamin C serum

The most skipped products that is super essential for the health of your skin is the Complex Vitamin C serum. This is your ultimate free radical scavenger that makes an umbrella on your skin as a protective shield. It brightens the skin, as well as prevent new damage. This serum should be used every morning as a last serum in line, right before the moisturizer. It is super charged with gluthatione and colloidal gold (for the strength of the capillary walls) and includes peptides and marine fermentation which provides the skin with the natural glow.


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