Advanced holistic skin care by Spela Hernandez
Science based, holistic, luxurious and highly effective skincare for skin that’s youthful and radiant. 

In-office skincare treatments are not enough to keep your skin looking firm, tight, lifted, even, and glowing. Your treatments need some major back-up to show your skin the love it needs. 

Home care is SUPER important if you would like to achieve any kind of  results!

Skin is the largest organ and works as a shield for the body. It requires to be fed, nourished and protected in order to fight daily environmental and internal changes that are happening on constant bases.

Even the most effective treatments require the support of daily skincare products that provide your skin with everything nourishment, which is what Spalina products offer. 

Every Spalina product is made with science based performance ingredients, backed by clean and holistic philosophy in mind, and proven to get real results…the kind that might just get you carded at your next girls night out!

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