When we talk about skin care, the common assumption is that we are only referring to the face; the neck, very often forgotten. If you want to truly maintain youthful-looking skin, the neck must also never be left out. As we age, our body produces less collagen and our skin loses its elasticity which results in wrinkles and sagging skin. If we only focus on taking care of our faces, sure, we’ll maintain our youthful appearance, but the sagging skin on our neck will no doubt give us away. 

Do you remember the saying, “prevention is better than cure?” It especially applies here. You see, when the skin around our neck starts to sag, it’s more difficult to reverse that without having to go through surgery. 

So how can we keep our necks looking just as young and beautiful as our faces?


While neck exercises can’t really do much to reverse sagging skin around the neck, it can help prevent it. Some studies reveal that facial exercises can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin on the neck. Some of these facial exercises include: 

  • Yawning or opening your mouth as wide as possible and then closing slowly without letting your teeth touch. 
  • Humming while your tongue is pressed against the roof of your mouth. 
  • Putting your lower lip over your top lip and tilting your head all the way up. 

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neck Looking Young - Spalina Inc.

Include Peptide In Your Skincare Routine

Peptides are strings of amino acids which are also known as the building blocks of proteins needed by our skin. Adding peptides to your skincare routine will prompt your skin to make more collagen to help restore your skin’s barrier and maintain a youthful glow. 

Spalina Skincare carries Collagen Peptide Creme, a nourishing and deeply hydrating moisturizer that contains a powerful blend of collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that will help keep your skin supple and younger-looking. 

Spalina Skincare’s Peptide Firming Glow Serum provides your skin with that ultimate lifting and firming effect. It can address a multitude of conditions including fine lines around the eyes, forehead, and especially the neck area. 

When using products on the neck, remember to apply them using gentle upwards strokes to further avoid sagging skin. 

Spalina Skincare Peptide Firming Glow and Collagen Peptide Creme

Spalina Skincare Peptide Firming Glow & Collagen Peptide Creme

Firm Jawline & Neck with an Anma Massage

Not only does this boost lymphatic drainage and help you feel more relaxed, regularly massaging the neck with the Anma-Facial Contour tool can help prevent sagging by firming up the skin and restoring its elasticity. You can do this by gently massaging up and down your neck in sweeping motions for 2-3 minutes 

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neck Looking Young - Facial Contour

Anma-Facial Contour Tool

Apply Sunscreen

I cannot stress this enough. Always. Wear. Sunscreen. Why? Because it protects your skin from UVA, UVB, and Infrared rays. All of which can really damage your skin and cause it to age faster. Make sure you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen and remember to reapply every 2 hours. 

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neck Looking Young - Sunscreen Spalina Inc.

Spalina Skincare Mineral Sunscreens


Microcurrent or Microneedling (a.k.a. Collagen Induction Therapy)

Microneedling technology is a safe and effective method of penetrating the skin to stimulate collagen production. Not only does it tighten the skin on your neck, it also helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and even stretch marks and cellulite. If Microneedling is what you’re looking for, you can book an appointment with Spela Hernandez here

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neck Looking Young - Microneedling Spalina Inc.
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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neck Looking Young - Spalina Inc.


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