The reason why I want to talk about the Clarisonic brush is because I have observed changes in mu clients skin that use the brush. Some of the changes that I have seen have not been beneficial to the health of their skin.

My goal is to educate you with helpful skin tips and for you to become smarter skin care consumer. I feel this is important information to share with all of you who currently use it, or are considering purchasing it.

Clarisonic brush is an exfoliating tool that physically lift off dry skin cells and, in the process remove dirt and make up. Exfoliation is the action that the bristles create when rubbed over the skin.

Clarisonic Spalina Inc.

Clarisonic Brush

The problem that I see is not the brush itself, but it concerns me how often is recommended to use it. They claim it is gentle enough to use it twice daily, but I belief that this is way to much when combining with other exfoliating products you are probably using.

– Exfoliating too much and too often can cause dryness and disrupt the skin`s barrier. This allows moisture to seep out of the cells more easy, causing them to get dehydrated. Many clients who I see on monthly bases have started complaining of dryness and irritation when their skin had been so hydrated and balanced. After our chat about what had changed, I come to find out that they started using Clarisonic brush. Cutting back or discontinuing the use of Clarisonic returned their skin to a healthy, balanced and hydrated state.

– Too much exfoliation can cause chronic inflammation within the skin, setting off a response to create free radicals. A major cause of aging and prolonged inflammation, associated with tissue destruction, active inflammation and attempts at healing which is why it`s essential to eat foods high in antioxidants and use skin care products with stable antioxidants.

exfoliate skin

– Skin trauma is good, but only occasionally. We should never exfoliate to the point of destroying healthy cells. When you give the skin trauma, the skin goes into repair mode and stimulates cellular regeneration. This is very beneficial to the skin, but if you create trauma too often by over exfoliating, then its continually setting up a cascade of free radical damage that triggers premature aging. This is the last thing that any skin needs. However, professional chemical peels done a few times a year do cause trauma to  the skin and this is beneficial for the stimulation of collagen.

– Too much exfoliation can also stimulate melanin production resulting in increased skin discoloration. You must use caution with the skin that is extremely reactive  to discoloration. Treat it gently to avoid post -inflammatory hyper pigmentation resulting in increased skin discoloration.

The conclusion is that exfoliating is good, but to the certain point. I do not recommend using Clarisonic brush more than once a week with the combination of other exfoliating products.


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