Having a healthy glowing skin has a lot to do with your diet. Being mindful of what you put on your plate is as important to skin health as cleaning out your closets is for your mental health.

Sure, genetics and lifestyle play a part, but your diet is one of the most controllable of the environmental factors that cause skin damage.

Clean up your diet with five foods you should be incorporating for a more radiant glow-and know the five that need to be permanently purged.


-Almonds (they keep your skin supple by keeping cell membranes hydrated)

-Blueberries (Rich in antioxidants to combat oxidative damage)

-Spinach (Rich source of antioxidants, contains folate to help reduce skin cancer risk by repairing DNA in sun-damaged cells)

-Tomatoes (Lycopene, the nutrient that is responsible for tomato`s bright red color, protects skin from within)

-Walnuts (Walnuts lead the pack in the family of nuts when it comes to skin care, omega-3-fatty acids improves skin elasticity and reduces redness)

tomato as diet food


-Alcohol (Extremely dehydrating, also can aggravate rosacea and create a dull appearance)

-Caffeine (Excessive consumption is dehydrating and increases oil production)

-Commercial Granola Bars ( Some commercial granola bars contain a lot of sugar per serving)

-French Fries ( Salt causes tissues to swell, making your skin look puffy, especially around your eyes)

-Store-Bought Smoothies (Like granola bars, smoothies are loaded with added sugars, these refined sugars cause insulin level to spike, resulting in inflamed skin and wrinkles)

french fries as worse skin food

Occasionally eating the items on the worst list isn`t going to wreak havoc on your appearance, but a lifetime of indulgence can damage skin.


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