With so many products coming out in the market comes this very tempting urge to try something new. From picking it out at the counter, opening up an aesthetic brand packaging to applying it to your skin, there’s a reason why skincare shopping feels so fun. We all want to achieve that healthy, glowing skin, and most of the time, we feel that trying something new would make all the difference.


However, adding a product to your skincare routine might not always be the best idea. Whether you only want to test a product or hope to tackle a specific condition, there are tons of things to consider. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some tips on how and when to introduce new skincare products to your routine. 


How should you introduce new skincare products?


Knowing how to incorporate a product correctly into your skincare routine is just as important as its ingredients. So if you are thinking of adding a new product, these are some of the most crucial things you must keep in mind:


Start with a basic routine

The three non-negotiables of a basic skincare routine are cleansing, hydrating/moisturizing, and protecting. Of course, you won’t want to overwhelm your skin with too many products that your skin will react to. These reactions can occur because there is just too much stuff happening at the same time and may even slow down your progress with any of them. So make sure to start with the basics in your routine, and pay attention to how your skin initially reacts.


Choose products based on your skin type

Knowing your skin type is the best (if not the only) way to choose the product that will perfectly work for you. Because we are all unique, make sure not to impulsively buy a product just because an influencer or someone you know recommended it. Remember that what works for someone else may not work for your own skin. You can do skin patch testing instead and try product samples to experiment with its reaction (but don’t apply it directly on your face!). Alternatively, it is best to consult an esthetician to professionally help you out with what your skin needs.


Introduce new products gradually

It’s really tempting to see the miracles that products promise you can get instantly, but if you flood your skin with too many ingredients all at once, it’s like setting yourself up for failure. Adding many products at once can cause negative reactions and overwhelm your skin. This is why it’s important to know that some products in the market need more introductory time before you can use them every day or every night, like the Vitamin A derivatives, which are formulated differently than other skincare products. So you have to pay attention when adding products to your skincare routine. 


Rather than trying to put too much stuff on your face, do one product at a time and build a routine gradually to the point that you have all the products that your skin needs. This way, you will be able to see which products suit your skin and which you need to get rid of. There are times when we feel that they don’t work, but the truth is, your skin just feels overly stimulated or lacks enough time to adjust. Give your skin time to adjust before introducing new skincare products because while some claim to take effect in a short period of time, most of those that are effective that contain active ingredients take approximately two months to show results. You may want to read this post to learn which ingredients work well together and which ones you should avoid mixing.


Work with an esthetician

It goes without saying that real results come out if you have a routine that targets what you need based on your unique type. Licensed estheticians like Spela Hernandez will guide you and help you understand how skincare works, as well as establish a skincare routine that will be a part of your lifestyle and not just something you’ll always bounce around switching. Experimenting with new products may not work best for you as it costs more time and money, and may even damage your skin more than you can imagine, not to mention the many factors you must consider in adding a new product to see if it is the right fit for you, so consulting a professional can really be a game-changer in bringing out the best and timely results!


So, when is the right time to add another product to your skincare routine?


The answer is — it depends on your skin and how much time it needs to adjust to a product! Best to know its introductory time and how your skin reacts to it. The bottom line is you should never try a new regimen before any special event with the hopes of fixing a condition within a short period of time, especially without knowing much about it because you might really be disappointed when the results are not what you are expecting. 


For someone who does not do much and needs help in the initial stages, you can start with a basic product like the Stem Cell Infusion Serum, because it is a good foundation to set the grounds and barriers, heal everything, repair damaged skin, and starts the rejuvenation process, which helps in kickstarting an effective routine.


These are just some advice when it comes to introducing a new skincare product to your routine, but working with an esthetician is still highly recommended because they have foundational skills for what your skin needs.

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