Pumpkin is a rich storehouse of Vitamin A, C, Beta-Carotene, potassium and zinc. It is antioxidant-rich  and helps in fighting  free radicals in an effective way. It has natural enzymes that improve skin tone and the hydroxyl acid in pumpkin help to exfoliate the skin.

Beauty from Within

Benefits of pumpkin peel:
  • Improves texture of skin to make it look healthy and nourished.
  • Recovers overall complexion of face.
  • Targets hyper-pigmentation and acne problems.
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells by superior exfoliation.
  • Stimulates collagene and elastin production.
  • Perks up the cell renewal process.
  • Softens wrinkles as well as fine lines and brings significant reduction in signs of aging.


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