If you hang out on #Skintok, chances are you’ve heard about the new trending beauty craze that’s been going around called skin cycling. And if you’re reading this, then you most likely got intrigued about this buzzy practice and would like to know more about it.


As we all probably know by now, social media is home to out-of-this-world trends, especially when it comes to the beauty industry, making it somewhat challenging to figure out which trends to hop on and which ones to ditch.  But this dermatologist and esthetician-approved skincare trend actually provides several benefits that may prevent skin issues. And the beauty of it is it applies to everyone!


What is skin cycling?


Skin cycling, also referred to as product cycling, is about feeding your skin with different nutrients and learning how to adjust products on different days. The core is understanding what your skin needs at certain times and under certain circumstances, which you can do for yourself with the help of your esthetician.


At its most basic, it is a less-is-more approach to strategically build a skincare routine that will best suit your needs. What makes it different is instead of applying layers of products to your skin all at once, skin cycling is a method that helps you master and adjusts to the products that you use by starting with the most important – that is the health of the skin’s barrier and then taking a pause from products for the skin to rest.


The most popular routine is the four-night cycle — the first night is for exfoliation, the second is for retinoids, and the third and fourth nights are for the skin to repair and recover. The concept of two nights of use of active ingredients and two nights of rest allows the skin to work optimally and just enough not to overwhelm the skin.


Benefits of Skin Cycling


Many skincare experts and dermatologists approve of the process of skin cycling because of the number of benefits it brings – here are a few:


Gets the skin in shape

The beauty of understanding how products work and how skin requires different nutrients at different times allows you to build up an effective skincare regimen. Because skin cycling aims to start with the basics, it is easier to establish a good home routine and prepare for the more advanced treatments once the skin is ready.


Repairs the skin barrier

Recovery nights are a game-changer in skincare. In fact, skin care professionals advise that taking a break from using skincare and makeup products can actually do wonders for the skin’s complexion. Relatively, this is where the benefits of skin fasting come into play!


Reduces the risk of side effects

When it comes to skincare, the saying “less is more” holds true. Applying fewer products on your skin means lesser side effects. Not only will it save you from skin issues, it’ll also save you time, effort, and money.


Easy to maintain

For some, it is not the lack of products but the lack of time that makes them inconsistent in their skincare regimen. Fortunately, skin cycling is an easy and simple routine that you can do in a matter of 10 minutes, all while maximizing results and minimizing irritation. It is also a flexible framework that you can tailor-fit anytime and however your skin needs.


How to “skin cycle” the right way?


The typical skin cycling routine is not generally ideal for people who want an immediate result as it only involves two days of treatment and two days of rest. Moreover, it is not recommended for those allergic or sensitive to concentrated ingredients present in retinoids. But as mentioned, you can always adjust how you do yours or consult an esthetician to guide you so you can get the best result.


Night #1: Exfoliate. This will remove dead skin cells that help all the other products you’ll use afterward penetrate more deeply into your barriers.


Night #2: Retinoids. These Vitamin-A derivatives are known to be one of the most potent skincare ingredients; however, they may cause irritants for first-time users, especially when applied the wrong way. If you want something potent, but gentler, then opt for Retinaldehyde.


Night #3 and #4: These are your recovery nights, so make sure you just moisturize and cleanse accordingly! Let your skin breathe for a while and see how it goes.


The concept of skin cycling is not rocket science – it is very easy to understand and implement, which is why it’s trending in the skincare community. It’s all about realizing that you do not need layers of products to achieve groundbreaking result for healthy skin. So many people have also started gearing towards building a regimen as a starting point for beautifying themselves rather than cosmetics. The mastery of just understanding and listening to your body is more than enough to build a structured routine with lesser risk but long-lasting results.


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