Pillows and skincare. Nobody really talks about it, and perhaps it’s because nobody really thinks about it either, but what may seem like a harmless object that makes sleep even more comfortable could also be the cause of your skin issues. A bit shocking, I know.

Here are some of the ways your pillow could be ruining your skin and what you can do about it:

Your pillows can be giving you fine lines and wrinkles

Yes, your pillow may be aging your skin prematurely! When you sleep on your side or on your stomach, your face is pressed into your pillow for hours, causing wrinkle formation. You may argue that the sleep wrinkles fade after a couple of minutes, but you may start developing fine lines which can eventually deepen and lead to wrinkles due to your habit of sleeping on your face.

If you want to avoid this, then sleeping on your back is the best option. But if you’re more comfortable sleeping on your side or stomach, then go for satin or silk pillowcases. Unlike cotton, which can tug at your skin and promote wrinkles, satin and silk pillowcases can prevent fine lines and wrinkles due to their smooth surface, therefore decreasing friction against your skin.

They absorb your skincare products

It should be your skin absorbing those precious skincare products you paid good money for, but guess what? Cotton pillowcases are absorbent which means they can also absorb the skincare products you put on your face while you sleep, depriving you of the benefits those anti-aging serums and creams can give you.

Once again, in order to avoid this from happening, you can sleep on your back and/or opt for satin or silk pillowcases that won’t absorb your skincare products.

It’s also advisable to wait until your skin has absorbed the products you put on before going to bed. If you’ve had a long day and don’t want to wait, skip the heavy face creams, and choose lightweight skincare products that won’t take a lot of time to sink into your skin.

They clog your pores and cause breakouts

Pillows don’t just absorb your skincare products, they can also absorb hair products, oils, sweat, and makeup. As a result, your pores get clogged and breakouts ensue. 

You can avoid this horror show by regularly washing your pillows (at least every 4 months) and pillowcases (every 4 days) to get rid of possible bacteria or fungi lurking in there. Here’s how to maximize the use of your pillowcase and at the same time, minimize the risk of clogged pores and breakouts: 

1st day: sleep on your pillow as you normally would. 

2nd day: flip your pillow so you’re using the cleaner side of it. 

3rd day: turn your pillowcase inside out 

4th day: flip your pillow again so you’re using the cleaner side. 

Products to help treat fine lines and breakouts caused by your pillow

Biotic Mangosteen Cleanse – this cleanser contains Willow Bark Extract which is rich in salicylic acid, proven to be effective in combating acne without drying your skin. 

Biotic Mangosteen Cleanse Spalina Skincare


Peptide Firming Glow serum – this serum is like a facelift in a bottle with its ultimate lifting and firming effect. It can replace lost moisture and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 

Peptide Firming Glow Spalina Skincare


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Your Pillow Could Be Ruining Your Skin Spalina Skincare

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