With winter comes colder air, which leaves your skin drier and chapped. This is why following the same skincare regimen throughout the year is not recommended for people who have drier skin types. Humidity changes as the season do, and this should be a factor to consider because dry skin may cause itchiness and deep cracks that may bleed and cause you scars!

Dry skin may be seasonal or permanent. The level at which your skin is prone to being drier may be based on age, geography, health status, or overall lifestyle. In this blog post, we will go over our 5 holistic skincare tips to heal and prevent dry skin so you can have softer, smoother, and more supple skin.


What does it mean to have dry skin?

Lack of water in your body can make your skin dry. During the winter or in cold environments, the skin gets drier as the surroundings do. You’ve probably heard about water therapy in the context of skincare, and this is why!

Some causes of dry skin are because of serious skin conditions, while most mild cases are effects of weather changes and lifestyle. There are also many factors that may trigger the excessive drying of skin such as smoking, wet work, use of heat sources, and other environmental conditions.


5 tips for softer, smoother, and more supple skin

Without changing your skincare regimen, your skin will be prone to drying. And it will make fine lines and wrinkles more visible than ever. It is also very uncomfortable to the point it becomes itchy, leaving your skin damaged.

To prevent such irritations, here are tips you can do for keeping your skin healthy-looking all year long!


  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps the skin absorb nutrients by removing dead cells, which makes all the other skincare products you use penetrate deeply into your skin. As our skin naturally sheds and new skin cells form, the dead skin cells must be removed in order for everything to work much better.

The most common ways of exfoliation we know are by using tools like brushes, scrubs, and sponges; however, most are made up of abrasive materials that create microscopic tears in our skin, which of course, creates more damage than good.

The best way to exfoliate is by using chemical exfoliators or safe acids that chemically dissolve unwanted cells, such as Spalina Skincare’s CranGlow MilkZyme, which digests the dead skin cells to get the skin open and maintain healthy skin. This step will improve the effectiveness of all the products you’ll use thereafter.

How many times do you need to exfoliate in a week? Your skin’s shelter cycle slows down the older you get, so you have to always stay on top of it. A twice-weekly routine would be perfect, especially if you are about 35 years old.


  • Don’t Overexfoliate

You want to get rid of unwanted debris from your skin, but you won’t want to overdo it because it may strip your skin’s natural oils and hurt your skin barrier. That said, you have to always find the balance between exfoliating and not overdoing it. Some skin types quickly become overwhelmed with too many products at once, so you have to cut it down and just exfoliate to the point where your skin still feels healthy, and that is not disruptive to your skin barriers – you feel it yourself at times!


  • Supply Your Skin with Nutrients (Serums)

Nutrition for the skin is important, and they are delivered in the form of serums. For drier skin types, one layer is not enough. It is very important to understand that the drier your skin is, the more steps you have to do in your skincare regimen. Spalina Skincare’s Stem Cell Infusion has growth factors and skin proteins that improve all aspects of skin damage and aging.

Want the perfect combo for a more powerful result? Spalina Skincare’s Complex Vitamin C  is your ultimate free radical scavenger and on top of that, it has glutathione and colloidal gold, which are additional potent ingredients for extended release of Vitamin C to build a strong barrier in your skin.


  • Use Masks

After exfoliation, it is best to give your skin that extra hydration. But we’re not just talking about any mask because using just anything will throw your balance off and it is completely inappropriate. You need to use a creamier, milkier, hydrating type of mask. Remember that you will not want to draw the moisture out of the skin; you always want to add it.


  • Always Use Moisturizer

Moisturizers occlude everything. Whatever your skin type is, incorporating this into your skincare regimen reduces the chance of skin conditions. For those with dry skin, it specifically helps add water back into your skin and lock it in, keeping your skin stay and look hydrated. It would also be best to moisturize during the day and the night.


If excessively dry skin still occurs after following these tips, consult an esthetician for help and personalized recommendations!


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